About The Nail Escape

The Nail Escape focuses on using natural, non-toxic products. All of my polishes are vegan, and at least 9 free. All of the skincare products are free of parabens and other undesirable ingredients, not to mention made by other small women-owned businesses.

In my salon, I do not use acrylics, so you will not smell them. I do, however, offer other nail extension options such as Gel-X and hard gel; both are applied and removed gently and with care to not damage the natural nail.

I also go above and beyond state board requirements for disinfecting my tools. I have a medical-grade autoclave that actually sterilizes my tools rather than just disinfecting them.

I am the owner /operator of my salon suite. Every guest that walks in the door is being seen by me, the owner! I am not just another employee; I have a nail technician's license, but that is not "special," and I am legally required to have it to operate. And I also make sure that I treat every guest like my business depends on it because it does!

I recognize that my prices are a bit higher than the average salon in my area, but I am confident that everyone who walks in my door will understand why after one visit, so I offer a 25% discount for first-time visitors because I know they will be back. I also offer a 25% discount for any referrals.

I do not use a nail drill because I am concerned about the comfort and safety of my guests, and nail drills can too easily be misused and cause damage to the natural nail.

I use Dazzle Dry, which is an amazing regular nail polish that lasts 7 days and dries in 5 minutes, but it can be removed with regular polish remover. Because Dazzle Dry is a long-lasting product, I can offer a 1-week guarantee on all my services. If a guest has a chip within one week, I can get them in to fix the nail or take 10% off their next service if they prefer that. (10% per nail that chips).

I do lots of fun nail art, mostly using nail stamps, so I can get intricate details, but it doesn't take forever just to do the art. Book an appointment with The Nail Escape today!